The Upcycle Project (2013) aimed to facilitate meaningful exchanges of stories and objects between various stakeholders in the MacPherson community, inspired by the potential that storytelling has to move people, change perspectives and connect neighbours. Through a series of engagement with the residents of MacPherson, we collected unused furniture and everyday objects and worked with our design partners to upcycle them for new owners and uses. These objects and their accompanying stories were later showcased at a public exhibition. Together, they formed a snapshot of a community and their collective capacity to contribute to their neighbourhood, using existing resources that they hold.

Supported by: the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY), MacPherson Community Club, PAssionArts

Exhibition in collaboration with: Amelia Tang, The Civic Museum, School of Thought, Fast Food for Thought

With the participation of these individual designers and organisations: Priscilla Foo, Liang Yanjie, Liew Hwee Min, Genine Loo, Ng Xin Yi, Sustainable Living Lab &, Designed, Tan Hong Guan, Jonathan Yue