We have designed and developed a Participatory Design Framework that provides common platforms for stakeholders and people to co-create solutions together.

Since 2010, we have embarked on participatory design projects that ranges from neighbourhood planning, public spaces, interior spaces, products and public art installations across Singapore.

By involving communities in shaping their built environment, we aim to create spaces and solutions with true community ownership. 

As a nonprofit organisation, our efforts are supported by the people we work with. 
Here's how you can be involved.

Find out more about P!D through this documentary by Channel News Asia.  

We are truly grateful to be featured in Channel NewsAsia documentary series titled Field Guide to Innovation. We are also humbled to be able to share our journey of advocating a participatory design process as we design with people and not just for them.

Through our work, we hope to renew a sense of belief that every individual has something positive to contribute to the design process, and that everyone can be collaborators, not just consumers. Watch the episode titled, "Designing against Empathy" to learn more about our design approach.