Saturday Sessions #2

This week we continue with our Saturday Sessions. Amongst our participants for this second installment were architects and students, landscape architects, environmental researchers and youths from within MacPherson. As with our previous session, the stories that they told about the objects collected never failed to surprise, regale, intrigue or move us. 

Through these Saturday Sessions we have collectively developed a wide range of initial ideas and creative possibilities for the objects, from a dim sum trolley to a multi-purpose waiting bench, from lecterns to adaptable furniture. We're itching to start making things already, although we do have to hold ourselves back for now. From listening to the stories that people have told and how much scratches and stains can say about the objects' pasts, we feel that it is important to showcase these objects as they are during The UpcycleArt Village (with the exception of reversible additions such as upholstery and minor repairs). Where their previous owners saw the objects as waste, there are others who see meaning and purpose in them, and this is something we would like the community to think about as well.

On the whole, we are deeply encouraged by the positive responses we have been receiving on The Upcycle Project so far! Thank you : ) We hope to make the Saturday Sessions a regular fixture, so once again, do drop us a note and say hullo. We welcome everyone and anyone, whether you are in the design industry or not. As proponents of participatory design, we believe everyone has the personal capacity to imagine, create and contribute.