The Upcycle Project has moved into Phase 2!

Our apologies for the silence on the blogosphere. One of us just got married and another is often knee-deep in work + our other P!D project, and amidst all this we are still progressing - our deepest thanks to all the designers who have come on board Phase 2 since July!

Some time back in July we sent out our design brief for Phase 2 inviting designers that we know or have heard of, who have inspired us or piqued our curiosity, to join us in The Upcycle Project. Truth be told, none of us knew what to expect -  this project is after all meant to be an experiment in participatory design. But soon enough we started getting a few positive replies and we were always happy to meet each one in person.

Concurrently, we were also meeting residents at their homes to understand them better. Some of these were people we met at the The UpcycleArt Village in April, and others we crossed paths with along the way.

We then started matching each designer with a resident whose needs we felt the designer could meet. To date, we are happy to say we have completed two rounds of exchanges - in time for Raya! - and are looking forward to the others that are to come.

We love our designers.

We are eternally grateful for the residents who have opened their homes and hearts to us.  

And of course, to our team of volunteers, you are a blessing to us all and to the project.