The UpcycleArt Village (Part I)

And so we close Phase 01 of The Upcycle Project with a bang - with lots of fun, laughter, hard work, new friends and good cheer all around. On 27th April we curated a pop-up community space at Aljunied Ave 2, turning a selection of the furniture and objects we have collected and (for a few) upcycled to date into an outdoor living room. People from all walks of life - residents young and old, families and children, old and new friends from within and beyond MacPherson - came down, had a seat, and chatted with us about the project and how they can help.

We were very fortunate to have, as part of the exhibition of collected objects and their stories, these brilliant illustrations by Anthony Chung, an architect by day and talented artist by night. Anthony was one of the participants in our Saturday Sessions previously, and did an amazing job translating some of the stories and ideas from these Sessions visually. His drawings, as well as those by other participants, were displayed on giant hang tags that accompanied each object, telling stories of real and imagined pasts. 

A4-SS Tags-c.jpg

Those of you who visited our Village that day would have participated in the Community Exchange that we were running all day, where stories, ideas and suggestions for The Upcycle Project were bartered for sweet treats and fun activities. We are grateful to each and every one of you who took part in the exchange, and for your willingness to share your stories about the exhibits, give pre-loved items from your homes and suggest things that your friends and neighbours in MacPherson would find useful.

Part II on the Village will follow shortly, so do look out for it!