#happystreetSG (2015) was an initiative to temporarily transform the public sidewalk into a visual diary of what matters most to the people of MacPherson. Building on our earlier efforts in Safe Streets, where we brought people together to rethink how we might make our streets safer and more liveable for all, we now sought to continue the conversation in more visual, tangential ways through art.

We began by collecting stories within the community based on the notion of happiness, and translating these stories into raw sketches alongside young residents of the neighbourhood. Over the course of a weekend, we then worked with residents, artists and volunteers to create the first large-scale art mural along Circuit Road that would visually re-tell these notions of happiness. Passers-by were invited to pick up a paint brush and contribute to the mural, and upon its completion, people were encouraged to take a 'selfeet' (or selfie of their feet on the painted sidewalk) and share additional stories of what happiness meant to them on various social media platforms. 

This project was a partnership between P!D and Social Creatives, with the support of MacPherson Community Club and PAssionArts.