Spot the Chinatown Bullockcart (2015) was a roving, interactive installation that popped up in various parts of Chinatown over a weekend in May, as part of Singapore Heritage Festival. Loosely drawing inspiration from the bullock carts that were used to transport goods and water around the neighbourhood in the early 19th century, the installation was designed to invite interactions and stimulate conversations around two key questions: what was one thing people would like to keep most about Chinatown, and what were people most curious to know about Chinatown? In bringing to light the many hidden stories and perspectives concerning the historical district, we sought to deepen the experiences that residents, shopkeepers and visitors had of the area.

This project was a partnership between P!D, the Singapore Heritage Society and Dramabox, presented by the National Heritage Board and supported by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY).