Going Play-ces: A Wanderful Exploration of New Lands – Co-created by PlayeumParticipate In Design and artists from D/SINI and The Animal Book Co, this exhibition gives visitors opportunities to navigate and explore Play-ces through various landscapes such as the sea, jungle, city and beyond. Children will experience and engage with their imagination, while thinking about sustainability, innovation and the role of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) in everyday life and the future. 

The exhibition drives home important social messages - the necessity of creativity and play in 21st century learning skills, the need for sustainability and the impact children have as young citizens to respond to the challenges of the world they live in.

The themes of this exhibition were emerged out of our participatory design process which included consultations and conversations with stakeholders of the playspace – children, parents, educators, artists and field practitioners. 

We're glad to be a part of this new play experience and shoutout to those who have supported us along the way –especially the tremendous support we've received from the public through our recycling collection. 

Find out more about the exhibition here: https://www.playeum.com/going-playces