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Retellings (2012) was a week-long participatory design workshop where students from the Singapore Polytechnic Design School collected stories from the people of MacPherson, and retold them in new, visual and engaging art forms on site.

These stories ranged from the simple yet intimate to the mythical; snippets of everyday life were shared, mysterious urban artists were tracked and other urban legends from the past investigated. Each art installation was painstakingly conceived via a rigorous, collaborative and person-centric process that involved engaging members of the MacPherson community through in-depth, one-on-one interviews and spontaneous conversations and interactions. Activities like workshops and a potluck breakfast were also held to accompany the launch and serve as an additional platform for community interaction and engagement with the artworks.

Retellings was a joint collaboration between P!D and Singapore Polytechnic Design School, and supported by PAssionArts and the MacPherson Community Arts and Culture Club.