Moth: Transforming the Experience of Engagement

Pop-ups are a key engagement format in many of our participatory design projects, as they allow us to insert ourselves into the everyday lives of the community most effectively. At these pop-up activities, we often find it easier to meet and hear from those who otherwise would not show up at formal workshops and community meetings. However, we often face many logistical challenges in organising them. 

Moth is the outcome of a self-directed research and design project, to explore how we could improve the way we use on-site, pop-up engagement methods more creatively and effectively. Each cardboard cube can unfold into an exhibition space, a workshop space or a picnic area, using various configurations. In its most compact form, it is easy to transport, and stores tools and materials that can be taken to the neighbourhoods we work with. 

Supported by the Philip Yeo Initiative.